Why implants?

Why implants?

It is a way to improve the quality of life. Whether you’ve lost a tooth recently or lost a lot in the past, the only way to get enough of them is to have implants. The success rate of implants is over 90%. Other prosthetic restorations, such as bridges, require the grinding of healthy teeth, while dentures do not respond to the chewing function effectively, do not give the patient confidence and quality of life (shaking, fear that they will leave their position, avoid social contact).


Dental implants are definitely the best way to replace a missing tooth or teeth. Unlike whole dentures that rely solely on the gums and / or bridges that use adjacent, usually healthy teeth for braces, dental implants are long-lasting restorations surgically placed on your jaws by a jaw surgeon.

Patients who chose to implant describe a much more comfortable and safe quality of life than those who chose to mount bridges or dentures.

When patients describe the benefits of implants, they say they feel comfortable and more secure in their daily lives. They can eat a wider variety of foods, without limiting them like patients with dentures. They gain more confidence and have a more active social life with their family and friends and can also talk to their colleagues more clearly. For all the following reasons, patients who have implants say they feel better, look better, and live better. All patients who have implants say they made the best choice and if they care for the implants properly, this option can last forever.