Oral Surgery


The practice covers the full range of modern Oral Surgery. Whether it is implant placement, surgical removal of an impacted tooth, such as wisdom tooth, or grafts placement, the goal is to promote oral health.

Surgical removal of cysts and tumors is another area of ​​expertise. Also, under certain conditions the roots of a multi root tooth can be separated. In addition, mucosal transplants and resection of the frenum of the tongue or the lips are performed.

Some indicative interventions performed:

  • implant placement (implantology)
  • Surgical treatment of scar disease (ulcers – hyperplasia – inflammation)
  • Tumor – smile aesthetic
  • Sinus lifts and other sinus surgeries
  • Treatment of oral mucosal diseases (hyperplasia)
  • Treatment of oral cavity pain
  • Treatments for Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (Functional Treatments)
  • Treatment of inflammatory conditions of the mouth and jaws
  • Treatment of Diseases of the Oral and Maxillofacial Area in Highly Stressful Patients
  • Treatment of diseases of the Oral and maxillofacial region in high risk patients (diabetes mellitus, anticoagulants)