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Scientific Specialization

Scientific Specialization

Because of both the hospital experience and the experience of the private practice, I keep a close eye on the latest developments in science. Every day in the hospital environment I come in contact with and treat patients with simple or complex problems.

Everyday interaction and collaboration with colleagues in the same specialty and with colleagues in other specialties (medical, dental) contributes to both updating and enriching the knowledge of case management as well as the overall patient response.

I take care of patients daily who except e.g. from a difficult wisdom tooth or other tooth for extraction, they are also treated with anticoagulants or have diabetes or other health problems and their treatment must be comprehensive rather than fragmented primarily for their own safety. The same is true with implant placement in patients receiving anticoagulant or bisphosphonates.

Thus, the therapeutic approach is adapted to each patient’s need and the appropriate type of anesthesia, local or