A nice smile gives us confidence, makes us attractive and nice. The only prerequisite: Have all the teeth and be healthy and beautiful. A single missing tooth affects the whole aesthetic of the person very negatively. Accidents and periodontal disease (periodontitis) cause tooth loss and that is where the surgeon’s time comes.

But it’s not just the aesthetic factor that plays a role. If the jaws are left without teeth for a long time, there is a great deal of bone loss that makes the subsequent implant placement even more complicated. At the first visit, all the data of your case (bone, gum, teeth, appearance, occlusion) are analyzed and if there is a lack of bone for implants, then there is the bone graft solution.

If there is still enough bone support then the implants are placed and used in a very short time. There are several methods of placement. Probably the safest way is guided – guided implantology. This is a method based on the design of the 3D implant placement. When implants are implanted, crowns are placed on them that are no different from your natural teeth.

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