Dental Information

Dental Information


An essential component of maintaining your overall health is regular prevention of dental and oral diseases. Diseases such as periodontitis, caused by germs, can affect your overall health.

Chronic inflammation of the mouth not only results in tooth loss but also increases the risk of other conditions, such as infarction, stroke, pneumonia or rheumatoid arthritis. The bacterial plate stays firmly between the teeth or on the tongue. Follow a regular checkup and professional cleaning plan by your dentist.

If you have implants in your mouth, they need regular cleaning and re-checking. Germs can trigger the onset of chronic inflammation and consequently even their loss.

Our common goal is one: to keep the number of germs in the mouth permanently low. We can give you advice on your diet, smoking, oral hygiene and take all those necessary medical measures to protect your health.


Microbial inflammation threatens teeth and prostheses (bridges, crowns, dentures). The first symptom is usually gingival inflammation (gingivitis), which is recognized by frequent gum bleeding and mild pressure pain. It is the right time to see your dentist.

The element that triggers these inflammations is the periodontal plaque. With very good oral hygiene and frequent visits to your dentist, you can prevent plaque and stone formation and prevent inflammation of the oral cavity. To this end, there are many possible treatments depending on the stage and severity of the disease.

The most important steps are: remove the bacterial plaque from the dentist and apply topical antimicrobials if necessary. Occasionally small surgeries can be used to remove bacteria from inaccessible places.

Together with your dentist, I can support you in treating these conditions to restore lost bone. With proper oral hygiene on a daily basis and a regular follow-up at your dentist you make the most decisive step in your dental health.


There are many causes for the loss of one or more teeth, e.g. due to illness or accident. Modern implantology allows us to restore lost teeth to the extent that they resemble natural teeth. The most important advantages are:

  • Natural teeth do not grind (as in bridges or partial dentures)
  • The natural root of the tooth is replaced by the implant and this ensures that the chewing force is transferred to the jaw bones, thereby preventing further bone loss.
  • The retention of implant-based prosthetic work is overwhelmingly superior to whole (mast) or partial (motor) dentistry.

I use high quality certified implants in my office. I am / Can specifically handle all cases of implantology, simple or complex, and cases where the size of the jaws needs to be increased to accommodate the implants (bone grafts).

Feel free to get in touch to arrange a meeting and solve any queries. Together we can find the solution that best suits you.