Medical Services Rational


The clinic is focused on Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and therefore the primary concern is to restore and maintain the health of the mouth, jaws and face.

The rationale for the operation of the practice is based on some rules : high medical technique, modern technological means and treatment plans according to modern scientific data.

I also pay great importance to the personal and individual needs and expectations of each patient.

My goal is to deal with the incidents, as simple or complex, as thoroughly as possible. For this reason I work with colleagues from both dental (general dentists, prosthetists, orthodontists, dentists, endodontists, periodontists, pediatric dentists, radiologists) and medical specialties (ENT, dermatologists, ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, plastic surgeons, general practitioners).

Many years of hospital experience enable me to treat patients with a burdensome history with the highest possible safety index. This has significant advantages, especially for the patient:

  • I provide my services and I can solve patient problems referred by colleagues and always in collaboration with them for the maximum benefit of patients.
  • I undertake complex cases of patients for treatment that is difficult to perform in other clinics.
  • Working with all the dental and medical specialties I mentioned, helps to create the best treatment plan. Thus, the best result is achieved for the patient, with a high safety index.

Collaboration, communication and transparency in relationships with both colleagues and patients is a non-negotiable principle of the practice.

Do not hesitate to contact me for further information.